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What is your angle?

Sometimes we need to go back deep into the past - well I did - to recall some basic trigonometry. It is that stuff you learnt and thought you may never need to use it in the future.

But over the years I have used it in roof estimations, calculating lengths when you do not have all the information and various other requirements.

We have two videos on Youtube currently on trigonometry in SAP Variant Configuration. They are focused on a cone.

Part 1: Volume of a Cone

Part one calculates the volume of a cone. Imagine in VC you are moulding a cone in plastic and so need to calculate the volume so you know how much plastic you need in the Bill of Materials.

I have modelled these using Constraints. Many modellers may use a Procedure for this, but if you can do it with a Constraint then you should!

Part 2: Angle of a Cone

Part 2 is calculating the angle of the side. Again I have used constraints. We convert the radians to degrees.

Hopefully, you find these useful. It may not be a common requirement but it is useful to know what is possible.

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