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... future directions and reviews

Future Directions 

As the SAP S4 Hana platform is rolled out over the next few years, then what does this mean for the Variant Configuration models you currently have?

Questions -

  • Do I need to upgrade them?

  • Will they work as they do now?

  • What is this new Advanced Configurator I hear about?

  • Do I need to upgrade to it?

  • What are my migration paths?

  • Are my current VC models in good shape?

Model Reviews

We have seen many VC Models in various industries, and the model structures are good in some cases, but in other cases they do not follow good practice.  We can arrange to review and recommend approaches and changes based on good practice.

If you are preparing to upgrade to SAP S4 Hana we can inform you are what you need to consider in relation to your VC models.

Warning signs -

  • Models are not understood

  • Changes to the model are difficult to make

  • Reluctance to update the VC models

  • Problems that cannot be fixed

  • Models do not adapt well to new requirements

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