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We released our VC Essentials Online Course in 2017 and since that time it has trained and skilled up many VC Modellers.

The reason the course was created, was my frustration at not having access to good VC Modelling training.  There are courses out there, and SAP offer some as well, but nothing demonstrated how to approach VC Models.  They taught many techniques but didn't explain that some of those techniques are not a good idea to use!

After many years of implementing and maintaining VC models, integrating to other modules in SAP, and training new users I gained knowledge on what works well and what should be avoided.  In addition I attend many CWG VC Conferences and from many experts learnt what is considered good practice.


All this has been put into our training to teach "How to think like a VC Modeller"  It is considered the best baseline training you can get by many people and many companies use it to get consistent and good practice skills across their modelling teams.  

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