...for non-VC Modellers

VC Essentials - Overview (Coming soon) 

The VC Essentials Overview learning path provides a detailed overview of Variant Configuration.  It uses the introduction lessons from the main VC Essentials learning path.  

It is designed for learners who do not need to know how to build VC models but need a good understanding of how VC works.  These learners could be salespeople, production people, key managers as some examples.


  • How to Approach VC Models

  • Classes, Characteristics, Hierarchies and Material Types

  • Configuration Profile, Tabs and Buttons

  • Constraints, Tables and Filters

  • Settings Defaults, Hide, Display Only

  • Referencing and Changing Sales Order Data

  • Pricing, Discounts and Surcharges

  • Bill of Materials, Assemblies and Components

  • Routing, Sequences and Operations