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VC Essentials

The Radiant Think VC Essentials learning path teaches you how to think like a modeller. Before we can build good models we need to know how to approach VC modelling.
This will accelerate your modelling as it lays out how to think about what techniques to use for various situations.

Along the way, you will learn more about how VC integrates with other areas of SAP - from sales to production and materials.

Using a business scenario you will learn how to start with nothing, to having an interactive model.

Comprising -

  • How to Approach VC Models

  • Classes, Characteristics, Hierarchies and Material Types

  • Configuration Profile, Tabs and Buttons

  • Constraints, Tables and Filters

  • Settings Defaults, Hide, Display Only

  • Referencing and Changing Sales Order Data

  • Pricing, Discounts and Surcharges

  • Bill of Materials, Assemblies and Components

  • Routing, Sequences and Operations

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