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  • Phil Martin

What is a Hybrid BOM?

A Hybrid BOM is a bit like a Hybrid car. It sometimes needs to run on petrol and other times it is electric. A Hybrid BOM is a bit like this. Sometimes we want it to be only a Production BOM, but other times we would like it to act as a Sales BOM.

I have used this concept to solve the problem where in some cases we needed to pop an assembly from a production BOM so that it can be managed separately in sales and logistics. In this case, if a product was too heavy to handle we needed to not fully assembled in the factory, but do it onsite instead.

On our deliveries paperwork and on sales paperwork we needed the items to be shown individually so they could be managed individually if required..

The solution uses a reference characteristic, a procedure and some supporting SD configuration and material master data. We had some other complexities, but these are the basic pieces to make this work. Watch the video to have it explained in more detail.

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