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  • Phil Martin

Thoughts on Data Governance

Recently Steve Schneider and I discussed Master Data Governance.

As we know, master data is so important in Variant Configuration. Governing this data is the challenge.

To be successful in this area two main business commitments need to be in place.

  • Strong leadership from the C-Suite - CEO, CIO etc

  • Dedicated Master Data Governance Team

In my view, Data Governance needs a similar approach and importance as to how companies manage safety. It has dedicated people, it controls and measures master data changes, it seeks continual improvement.

Without effective data governance, the cost to the business can be huge when things go wrong. Resources may need to be redirected to resolve the fallout, customers may be lost when the supply chain fails and the revenue may be impacted.

We discuss some of the tools SAP provides and so view the video to get more details on this.

If you are thinking of improving your Master Data Governance, this can provide important points to consider.


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