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SAP AVC Training - the journey continues.

We get asked quite often about training for the SAP AVC. (Advanced Variant Configurator). The training can take many directions, and first, we are starting on some overviews. In this post, we have a sample and any feedback is welcomed.

The AVC is an evolution and was not a finished product when first released. Its development has been contributed to by the Customer Innovation group driven largely by customers in the US and Europe in conjunction with SAP. They meet twice a year for testing and design meeting. This has been a good approach as customer feedback is being used to create a good product.

Stepping back and looking at it, there are good advances being made, but until recently it was just playing catch up to what the LOVC Classic Variant Configurator had offered for many years. In my opinion, the tipping point is close, where it will be more compelling to migrate to the AVC, if you are on the S4HANA platform.

To offer training we need to have the AVC at a stable build, that has the key functionality available. Our courses require intensive development and research, to produce training that is easily absorbed and to the point. As always we try to incorporate good practices.

Our challenge is gaining access to a stable SAP AVC environment. This may be a simple thing for large SAP consulting companies, but for a niche specialist trainer like ourselves, it is not easy. We would be interested in joining forces so we can create exceptional, practical training.

In the meantime, we are already planning a course design and learning plan. It is a pretty exciting place to be with the new AVC.

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