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Let us train together - here's how

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Combine your training with ours

We have many customers who use our SAP Variant Configuration Essentials Training. We want companies to be able to get the maximum benefit from our VC Essentials Course by combining internal training with it.

What is great about our VC Essentials Course is that it provides a modelling mindset so the modeller knows how to approach a VC Model. This is something not covered in many VC Traning courses. With good approaches, combined with good practices, a great foundation is laid.

However, it would be better if our VC Essentials Course can be teamed up with your company's own internal assets. For example, you may have resources on model structure, powerpoint presentations, naming conventions etc that also need to be trained on. Sometimes this is done with classroom training but alternatively, it could be presented as an online course where you can track progress and have a formal record of training completed.

This is where our Corporate Add-In comes in. This video gives a quick summary.

It provides a way for your company to create your own internal courses to support our training. It may be as simple as loading up existing documents and powerpoints and adding a quiz. Alternatively, we can assist in creating more interactive content.

As the video shows, it also includes other features such as teams to manage learners and content around the country or around the world in one place.

Contact me if you want more information on how you can get your VC training problems solved.

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