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Configurable Opinions - what is that?

Before I answer the question raised in the post, many of you know I am a great supporter of the CWG ( that is a non-profit organisation that focuses on SAP Variant Configuration. Not only do I present at the conferences in the US, Europe and this year at the virtual conference, but Radiant Think also sponsor it.

Why do we do that?

Well many years ago, probably more than I want to admit to, I got hooked on VC. I don't know why exactly, but I think I liked the fact that you could build something really special in SAP that was creative. You start from nothing and end up with some incredibly powerful models.

But I also found out in those early days that I did not model well. Although I read the SAP Help it taught many ways to do things wrong. Once I became involved with the CWG I learnt from many mentors the right way to model. Unfortunately at that time, it was hard to get training in the right way to model, especially if you are not in the US or Germany. That did ultimately lead me to create our VC Essentials Course to make good training very accessible.

What is Configurable Opinions?

This leads me to the starting question - What is Configurable Opinions? It is a Youtube Channel. One of the first people I met through the CWG was Steve Schneider who at the time worked at Steelcase and recently retired. He is incredibly knowledgeable, influential and a great friend as well. When he retired, I thought it would be a shame for his knowledge to just stop, his insights not to be heard, and his humour and good nature not to be seen in the VC community. He was involved with CWG in the very early days and contributed greatly over many, many years. I could talk more, but here is the good part for us, as VC Modellers and also for Managers and Decision Makers.

Check out our discussions

Over the last couple of months, we have been having discussions on VC, AVC, S4HANA, Education and Information. If you search on Youtube for Configurable Opinions you will find the content, however, I have embedded it all below. I have grouped it into a sequence of topics.

We would like your support for the channel, through Likes, Comments and Subscribing. We are not paid or sponsored and nor are we SAP Partners. This means we talk openly about SAP, VC and AVC and so this means you will get quite a different perspective from us. Just realise that sometimes we go off topic, we may talk about beer, and sometimes talk too much.

All things around S4HANA, AVC and Transition.

SAP Release Timelines

(the audio is terrible in this one - we get a lot better in later videos!)

Building your S4HANA Transition Team

The AVC - What we Think

The AVC - Is the Transition Hard?

Variant Configuration Knowledge

Variant Configuration - Where do you get an Education?

Variant Configuration - Where do you get Information?

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