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  • Phil Martin

Content is important but the approach is essential

Most of us have attended various courses on SAP and other topics. Many of us also use the internet to find information and Youtube videos. So you know good training when you see it, and training that is frustrating.

Some courses are so loaded with information because they think more is better. The problem is that it can also confuse the learner as some of it does not have any clear context to what is being taught. As well, the design of the course structure and the individual pieces of content is not well thought out. It is just jumping from one topic to the next, to teach a technique. The problem is that there is no context, and may not relate well to what the learner needs to know.

With our VC Essentials training course, we do have a lot of content, as the subject is quite broad when you try to cover all the essentials the modeller needs to know. Where we are different to most Variant Configuration training is that we cover what is needed, relate it to building a model from beginning to end using a business scenario and back it up with good approaches.

This does work, as I have seen these approaches used in actual businesses. The VC Models are easier to maintain, easier to understand and have adapted well as the business and legal requirements change.

So although we have a lot of content - the approach we take in our training and the approach we take to build good VC models is the essential difference.

In the video, we take you through the content we teach, but remember this is only half the story.

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